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VOC Morocco – Updated List of mandatory Moroccan standards and decrees, lists of regulated products at country of export and destination

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BUREAU VERITAS is pleased to inform you that based on the recent update regarding Customs Circular 6539/311 for the HS codes regulated under the Verification of Conformity Program in the Kingdom of Morocco, an updated version of:

  • list of mandatory Moroccan standards and ministerial decrees
  • list of products regulated at country of export
  • list of products subject to control at destination

have been released.

BUREAU VERITAS continues to be designated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green, and Digital Economy for the execution of the Verification of Conformity Program at the country of export and destination, applicable to products imported into Morocco.

To ensure smooth processing and to prevent any rejections upon arrival, it is imperative that your goods undergo verification by BUREAU VERITAS before export. This step is crucial in complying with the regulatory requirements and ensuring seamless clearance of your shipments.


Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification regarding the updated circular and verification process, please do not hesitate to reach your local Bureau Veritas office.

For more details, please visit the Morocco (VOC) page in the "Downloads" section:

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